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Store starting again

on May 09, 2016

Thanks for your patience, We are gradually repopulating store. We are still stomping out gremlins.

Temporarily orders are interupted

on May 08, 2016

I humbly apologize for our store being closed temporarily. The guy who ran it quit abruptly. We are attempting to restart slowly soon. I thank our customers who have been patient. Don’t worry, we have lots of stock. We just need to get full fillment  bullet proof, before we accept new orders. When we get started again, we will try our best to make up for this temporary inconvenience. Thanks again for your loyalty.

Dr. Chet

Happy Holidays! Get 10% Off

on November 20, 2015


10% Off Entire GoGun USA Store 

Happy Holidays from Doc! Here is our best seller the SuperComp® XL which is 10% off like EVERYTHING  in the store if you use Discount code DOCSTHANKS10. ($50 minimum purchase)

Muzzle Brake for AK

on November 13, 2015

NEW PART AVAILABLE NOW FOR AK and variants. The tried and true SuperComp® XL is now available. Known for its extremely fast return to zero and minimal sight picture disturbance, the SuperComp® XL AK has been specially designed for AK and variants. The AK with its 7.62x39 cartridge has thread pattern different than the AR,namely 14x1 mm with LEFT HAND thread pattern. NOW available at Amazon. Introductory ON SALE  $89.50

Triple Crown Win for Gas Pedal Racing Team 2015

on October 27, 2015

Gas Pedal® Racing Team wins Triple Crown at US Nationals 2015

Frostproof Florida, October 2015

Gas Pedal Racing Team Members won an unprecedented triple win at the USPSA Open National Championship. The GoGun® USA Gas Pedal® grip was on the winning guns in Men’s, Women’s, and Junior National Titles in very hard fought competition of most of  the fastest shooters in the world.

Kincaid Ross Winner Junior Category National Champion 2015Kincaid Ross Junior National Champion 2015


Chris Tilley won overall and Men’s Category.  Kaci Cochran won Women’s, Kincaid Ross won Junior. All are Gas Pedal® Racing team members. Kaci dominated for her second National Title in a Row. Chris and Kincaid were very close second place winners in 2014.

Kaci Cochran 2014 2015 Ladies US Nationals Champion

The Gas Pedal® brand grip pioneered the concept of the opposable grip in pistol shooting. The opposable grip, which is fundamentally different than the classic neutral grip, has been increasingly the method of choice for some of world’s fastest shooters. 

Almost a quadruple crown as the Senior Category was won by Keary Pearson who also used an opposable grip thumb assist made by another manufacturer.

Chris, Kaci, Kincaid and Keary are firm believers in the Opposable Grip method and give it credit for their improved consistency and acquisition speed.

 Chris Tilley center with dark jacket and rest of Super Squad 2015. Rain or Shine,Chris Gets a Good Grip everytime with Gas Pedal Grip.

GoGun® USA has claimed that use of the Gas Pedal® opposable grip is simply the fastest way to shoot, period. As Benny Hill, the Texas gunsmith, not the comedian says, “It aint bragging, if you can do it…. Winning don’t lie”.

GoGun® USA is also noted for its SuperComp® Rifle Muzzle brakes and also the Gas Pedal® Thumb Assist for rifle or Shotgun.

Kaci leads Clean Sweep in Open Nationals

on October 16, 2015

Kaci Cochran shown here was one of Gas Pedal Racing Team that lead the last weekend's US National Open Championship.

IT WAS CLEAN SWEEP with Gas Pedal brand grip on all winning pistols. Chris Tilley won Men's. Kaci Cochran won women's and Kincaid Ross won Junior.

More proof that indeed as we claim, use of Gas Pedal grip is simply the fastest way to shoot period. Like the famous gunsmith Benny Hill said,"It aint braggin if you can do it" 

Welcome to our new Webpage!

on October 16, 2015

WELCOME to our new Webpage. Check back here for news of deals and shooting tips. Thanks to all our GoGun customers in past and we welcome our new customers too!

Titanium SuperComp XL .308 on sale at Amazon

on August 14, 2015

On sale at Amazon $124.50(Save $35), The SuperComp® XL .308 in Titanium, Metallic Finish

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Sale on TITANIUM Tactical Talon

on August 12, 2015

Incredible Sale on SuperComp Tactical Talon in TITANIUM .223 for $128.50 at Amazon.

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35 % .223 with any premium brake purchase

on August 05, 2015

Sale At Amazon if you order any premium brake you get 35% off the SuperComp XL

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