Glcok 43X Gas Pedal assist
Glock 43x Gas Pedal assist
Glock 43x Gas Pedal assist
Correct method of Shooting
Gas Pedal Glock 43x

Gas Pedal Glock 43x

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Title:Right Hand trigger finger

Glock 43X

Small pistol problems, solved. Fastest, easiest way to shoot for Self Defense and Every Day Carry.

This is page for Glock 43x and 43x MOS Check main menu for other pistol models. This part requires Glock with Picatinny Rail, and has lower Picatinny Rail for mounting additional accessories. PLEASE read entire page before ordering.  It does NOT fit Glock 43 without Glock proprietary rail.  For Glock 17 and 22 For Glock 19, 23

The problem: Getting a good grip on a small Pistol

The answer: Gas Pedal® grip solves most problems with a small pistol

Please note Right handed means trigger finger is Right hand and Pedal is on left ( from shooters perspective. ) Left hand is opposite, Trigger finger is left hand and Pedal is on the right



  • Easier self-defense  for everybody

  • Ultimate Gender Equality

  • Makes repeatable, reliable, accurate  high power shots much easier. EVEN in high stress situations.

  • Fits recent Glock 43x

  • OPP Wing®and MicroProp™tech for OPP Grip. 

  • Controls recoil even for those without big or strong hands

  • Helps Eliminates windage error AKA trigger jerk

  • Over 20,000 in field  for previous pistol models with over the top rave reviews from shooters and not a single failure to function

  • Fits many holsters and virtually all with minor mod

  • No Gunsmithing Easy to attach to Picatinny Rail

  • Opposable Grip Concept proven in Racing having dominated National and World Championships. Now also proven by SWAT teams for carry gun.

  • No Snag design

  • Contoured to ergonomically position thumb. Does not interfered with Take down.

  • Saves on Ammo training costs. Much quicker to master than traditional methods.

  • This model made with advanced tech very strong 3d printing. Not your older brothers 3d printing


  • Genuine Gas Pedal® Brand

100% Made in USA

Doc's dream come true; easy self defense for everyone. No longer just a dominating technique for expensive pistols. It's a drop in part that makes it much easier to shoot hot loads even for those without strong hands, very easy to learn, repeatable, reliable and accurate. The  OPP Grip concept has been proven in competition  having dominated National and World Championships And won consecutive National Champions, 2015, 2016, 217, 2018,2019, 2020.2021,2022.

And also in the field with rave reviews by shooters and SWAT teams. The OPP Grip is much easier to learn than traditional methods. Just put your off hand thumb on Gas Pedal® Grip and squeeze. It's that simple.

    Before it was a competition concept, Now it comes for a carry gun,  No gunsmithing, can be installed in a minute or less by attaching to Pic Rail. 

    HOLSTERS, NO PROBLEM!: Adds only about .250 inches to width of gun compared to stock and fits most  holsters, those that don't fit, require only minor mods.

    If you dont have a holster that fits see this quick easy mod vid

    Or for more complicated holsters

    IMPORTANT Push your off hand thumb towards the bore. DO NOT press straight down. If your thumb slides off you are not putting pressure in the right direction.

    VERY IMPORTANT: This is for a newer type of grip than most Glock users are accustomed to. Most important thing to do is index with your thumb first and squeeze. If you start with old school grip of locking palms together you will lose strength and possibly be unable to reach the Pedal. If you have a gap in your palms at rear of pistol that is just fine as long as you squeeze with off hand. Believe us, after more than 25 years of development and wining virtually every championship around, we know a better way to shoot. However if you have mastered the old school technique and are completely satisfied with your current performance, this part is not for you.

    No refunds for this part