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New 9mm Brake

on February 05, 2017

9mm Muzzle Brake

New brake for 2017, 9mm SuperComp® Muzzle Brake. Now at Introductory price of $49.50

Chris Tilley Repeats as National Championship

on January 12, 2017

Chris Tilley National Champion Gas PedalChris Tilley is featured on cover of Frontsight winning a REPEAT National Championship with a Gas Pedal® Grip. Despite a Hurricane! For Opposable Grip aficionados, the pic does not show the off hand thumb on Pedal BUT is does show perfect index to pinkie opposition rhythm with simultaneous presentation close to face than customary. Result, faster and more reliable acquisition.

What to do if you cant time your brake with crush washer provided

on December 30, 2016

What to do? I cant make my SuperComp® brake time right with the Crush Washer you provided. It wont go on all the way.

This is a common and easily remedied problem. It stems from fact that threads on barrel vary widely and there is no common industry standard end point.

Here is what to do. Clean threads on brake and barrel thoroughly. Screw on brake finger tight. It should go on most of the way. If it does not, something is up with incorrect threading and stop there.

If it does screw most of way,  Then apply up to 90 ft pounds of torque with barrel vice and torque wrench to time brake to twelve o’clock. If you are not able to apply that much torque or it still does not line up remove brake and washer. Take a flat file or course sandpaper and take 3 or 4 thousands of inch off width of crush washer. Try again. Repeat as many time as you need so you can get it timed with about 30 ft pounds of torque. Or you can try a thinner or thicker crush washer.


And yes we strongly recommend use of crush washer because eventually after several thousand rounds you will want to remove it to clean the crown of barrel or accuracy will suffer. There will always be a slight carbon buildup at end of last thread on barrel which eventually works its way across crown to bore. If you Locktite it you are stuck and cant remove for cleaning. If you don’t want to go through with above procedure you can use a Jam Nut but I don’t recommend it because sometimes they loosen.

You can also try different brand of crush washer, as some are thicker or thinner than others. Its really just the luck of the draw whether the crush washer you use matches, your barrel threading as all manufacturers are a little different.

Do not think it is fault of brake. All SuperComp® brakes have threads cut with multiple pass single point cutting which is much more expensive to do than most manufacturers and gives a much more precise thread.

Dr. Chet

Happy Holidays discount

on November 27, 2016

Happy Holidays to all! Use Discount code HH10 at checkout good thru Jan 3 2017


on November 20, 2016

USE DISCOUNT CODE BF20 at checkout Good thru Novemeberg 29


on November 10, 2016

THANK YOU VETS! All active and retired Military, LEO and first responders; Use discount code VET30 for 30% off anything in store thru Veteran's day weekend. This is an honor system code. If you qualifty please use the code. If you are not please respect those that do qualify.

40% off Election sale

on October 16, 2016

40% off Supercomp

Elections are coming, take 40% of all order over $200. Doc suggests you take the difference and  contribute to political cause of your choice. Of course we cant make a recommendation but for sure you folks know we are pro 2nd ammendment. Use discount code VOTE16 at checkout

20% Summer Discount

on August 12, 2016

SUMMER SALE Extended to Nov 15!. A whopping 20% off our best selling brake, the SuperComp® XL in .308 Chrome Moly 4140 RH28-40. If it’s our best seller why the big discount? We made a goof in production. It was selling so well we made too many. Use discount code SUM20 at checkout. Good thru November 15.  Good only for this product.

New SuperComp Parts

on August 01, 2016

How do you make the never have failed SuperComp® Brake even tougher? As most of you know, no SuperComp® Brake has ever failed, NEVER. But we wanted to make it even tougher. So we started out with  17-4 martensitic precipitation hardened stainless steel (Not your fathers's stainless). 17-4 is extremely hard and corrosion resistant. It is usually used for vital aircraft parts. We added extremely hard Black Nitride. Result, not only our great performing brake but one that will likely require minimal maintenance over time.

As follower of GoGun® USA  you may know, our best selling finish is Black Parkerize on Chrome Moly 4140. Parkerize is a great finish as it can appear flat black or shiny depending on how much oil you put on it. It is a very long lasting finish. The only drawback to parkerize is if kept in a humid atmosphere or not oiled regularly, it can corrode. Black Nitride is shinier, a semigloss finish. It is very good looking deep black with just enough shine to show contours. The big attraction of Black Nitride is on Stainless it rarely if ever corrodes. Last years Stainless model was 416, a much easier metal to machine but is softer so we heat treated it after. 416 is what most Stainless Steel barrels are made from.

We don’t know of any other manufacturer that has taken the time to try and tame this very strong combination for firearms parts. Frankly it just plain takes a lot of time to get right. Look for it on our SuperComp® brakes. For now we are starting with our SuperComp® XL for .223,.308 and 7.62 x 39 (AK version). Look for it on other models if our shooters like it.

4th July 10% Discount in appreciation of USA

on June 22, 2016

We LOVE the USA. In celebration of our countries birth EVERYBODY gets 10% of if you use discount code 4JULY for the ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY.