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OPP Grip

on July 01, 2018

OPP Grip techniqe


Demonstration of ideal OPP grip in competition. Notice thumb angled 45 degrees to bore, not straight down. Wrist Straight not cammed. You can see the larger off hand forearm muslecs do most of work enabing Trigger hand to be lose aiding precise trigger contol. This enables the elbows to be highly flexed which absorbs recoil, makes arc of fire shorter and makes field of dot larger. Off hand thumb is virtually in line with bore axis which cuts down muzzle rise. Also much easier to shoot arrond barriers

NOW for the great news, this technique is coming to Carry Guns very soon

January Discount

on January 01, 2018

For all who missed our holiday 50% discount dont't fret. You can get 25% off all brakes by using discount code JAN25

New part Gas Pedal Opposable Extreme

on November 20, 2017

New part, Gas Pedal® Opposable Extreme now available in black. And dont forget we have 50% discount on brakes now use SCH50 at checkout.

Update on Opposable Extreme in the field

on November 02, 2017

  Early feed back  on Gas Pedal® Opposable Extreme, from top shooters November 2017.

 Most of the top shooters we sent them to seem to like them a lot. However we learned something from one of the top shooters, saying he thought the angle of pedal encouraged his thumb to slide off. He was one of those that press straight down on Pedal. You need to be incredibly strong to press straight down on thumb assist and not get steering aka windage error. The new angled pedal is designed to have the thumb press towards the bore not straight down. This enables the hand to get more opposable grip on off hand fingers. If you do press straight down, and you dont want to change you might feel better with the Racer Cut.

Happy Holidays 50% off

on October 16, 2017

Super Comp 50% off

Happy Holidays Blockbuster sale! 50% off all brakes, use discount codes SCH50.

50% off Pre Christmas

on October 11, 2017




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Kaci Wins AGAIN! 2017 National Champion

on March 28, 2017

Here is Kaci Cochran. Gas Pedal® Racing team member,  winning Women’s National 2017 Championship AGAIN. She is turning so fast to engage targets, her hair flies.

2017 National Champion, Gas Pedal, Fastest way to shoot

2017 USPSA National Championship Clean Sweep

on March 28, 2017

US 2017 championship, ANOTHER clean sweep! This time all top 5 finishers used opposable grip pioneered by Gas Pedal® grips. AND both top two ladies! Special Congrats to Cody Baker and Kaci Cochran.

2017 uspsa  championship, fastest way to shoot prooven

New 9mm Brake

on February 05, 2017

9mm Muzzle Brake

New brake for 2017, 9mm SuperComp® Muzzle Brake. Now at Introductory price of $49.50

Chris Tilley Repeats as National Championship

on January 12, 2017

Chris Tilley National Champion Gas PedalChris Tilley is featured on cover of Frontsight winning a REPEAT National Championship with a Gas Pedal® Grip. Despite a Hurricane! For Opposable Grip aficionados, the pic does not show the off hand thumb on Pedal BUT is does show perfect index to pinkie opposition rhythm with simultaneous presentation close to face than customary. Result, faster and more reliable acquisition.