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Sale on TITANIUM Tactical Talon

on August 12, 2015

Incredible Sale on SuperComp Tactical Talon in TITANIUM .223 for $128.50 at Amazon.

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35 % .223 with any premium brake purchase

on August 05, 2015

Sale At Amazon if you order any premium brake you get 35% off the SuperComp XL

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Buy .308 SuperComp XL and get 40% off .223 SuperComp XL

on August 03, 2015

Got to Amazon  Buy a .308 SuperComp XL and get 40% off a .223 SuperComp XL

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SuperComp® XL .223 on sale at Amazon

on July 09, 2015

One of our most popular brakes and ultimate recoil reduction and fastest return to zero is on sale...

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NT on Sale

on May 04, 2015

Terrific deal at Amazon on the SuperComp® NT. 

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SuperComp Blems on Sale at Amazon

on April 08, 2015

Ridiculous low price for genuine SuperComp® XL 223 muzzle brake for blems at Amazon.

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Low Price on SuperComp

on April 05, 2015

Ridiculous Low Price on original  .308 SuperComp at Amazon.

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Discount on Gas Pedal® Racer's Cut

on March 29, 2015

New at Amazon all four colors of Gas Pedal assists in Gold, Black, Red and Natural Silver Color.

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