New Part for XD 2.0

It's real and for sale now. 

Gas Pedal CG with new finishes

New Finish, Black Nitride with Grit for Gas Pedal® CG for Sig P320. Black Nitride all over with Grit embedded by Cerakote on Pedal. We have used this same finish on Race Version for those that wan...

All Black

All Black back in stock. Bottom are Gas Pedal® for Raceguns, top is for Carry Gun for Sig P320. Now you can have best of both worlds, OPP grip for Racegun and same OPP technique for Carry Gun.

Best way to shoot Gas Pedal® CG

We are getting our first reports back from those shipped out and the feedback was what I expected. Most think it's awesome. A few think their thumb slips off the bottom.  If your thumb is slipping...
Unexpected Big Sales On Gas Pedal CG for Sig P320

Unexpected Big Sales On Gas Pedal CG for Sig P320

Sep 9, 2018 Unexpected sales sold out  all the first lot of the Gas Pedal CGi in less than a week. Not to worry there will be plenty more in a week or so. In meantime if you backorder, put in code...

OPP Grip

  Demonstration of ideal OPP grip in competition. Notice thumb angled 45 degrees to bore, not straight down. Wrist Straight not cammed. You can see the larger off hand forearm muslecs do most of w...

January Discount

For all who missed our holiday 50% discount dont't fret. You can get 25% off all brakes by using discount code JAN25

New part Gas Pedal Opposable Extreme

New part, Gas Pedal® Opposable Extreme now available in black. And dont forget we have 50% discount on brakes now use SCH50 at checkout.

Update on Opposable Extreme in the field

  Early feed back  on Gas Pedal® Opposable Extreme, from top shooters November 2017.  Most of the top shooters we sent them to seem to like them a lot. However we learned something from one of the ...