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DLC 320A Gas Pedal® CG discontinued, Why

on March 21, 2021

Gas Pedal® for Sig P32

Gas Pedal® DLC 320A discontinued, Why?

In a nutshell, continuous tech improvement. The original DLC model was designed for max grip. It does grip well but we have even grippier ones now. By changing the surface MicroProp™ very subtly and using a different metal (1144 instead of 4140) billet steel, we were able to get enhanced grip at a lower price. The QPQ11 model is grippier and wears much better. For those that want the ultimate in grip, Doc recommends the PVD models, Gold and Stealth Gray


Ammunition Shortage Solution

on March 07, 2021

Ammunition Shortage Solution

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50% OFF SuperComp® Brakes

on November 18, 2020

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New instructional Videos Explain Opposable Pistol Grip

on August 15, 2020

Posting videos of use of Gas Pedal Pistol grip on Sig P320


Legion or X5 problem

on July 08, 2020

Warning to Legion/X5 shooters. It has come to our attention that there have been a handful of shearing of Take Down Lever on this particular pistol model. IT DOES NOT AFFECT FUNCTION OF FIREARM. This is not just a problem with our brand. Stock Sigs have same issue. Other models are not usually  affected,  The usual place is at Mag knife safety groove. So gun still functions fine but External part of Take Down lever becomes detached and absent. Common factors are using too light of spring, less than 14#, pressing down on Take Down lever during ignition, custom guide rods, or hot loads. All other P320 models use spring and guide rod specifically for that model.

HOWEVER, Some guide rods will sometimes tilt differently during unlocking putting asymmetric force very high force on Take Down lever which takes most of the recoil battering. Tungsten produces more impact.  Other custom guide rods  have too small of OD which also increases battering. Another factor is Springs that are too long, then they bunch up during recoil, affecting the trajectory of recoil rod.

Doc recommends variable rate springs for 1911 and check to see it does not bunch up

If you are shooting a load higher than 130 PF you may to increase recoil spring weight to 15 to 17# depending on how hot your load is. Any Take Down lever on any Sig p320 and variants is susceptible to this problem however much more so on X5/Legion. So if you shoot lots of rounds it is wise to consider it a consumable part that should be replaced periodically. (This similar to Sig's recommendation). Normal loads on most of the P320 should make the Take Down Lever last a long time. But if shooting hot loads with light springs with Legion/X5, expect it to be replaced more frequently. 

It is good idea to periodically inspect the flat face of the Take down lever. There should be only slight curved wear impression at edges of flat face. If you have multiple semi concentric marks, you have a guide rod problem..

If it does break: here are two ways to remove it safely

1) take a Dremel and cut a slot into right side of spindle and use screwdriver to turn it.

2) Drill a pilot hole on either Right side of of spindle or thru center and use EZ out to turn.

Pulling forward on barrel while doing above makes it much easier

DO NOT punch or force it out without turning or you will permanently damage the magazine knife safety.

Bottom line we recommend Sig Stock Guide Rod and adequate Spring rate.


Happy Holidays 20% off

on December 19, 2019

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XD SC is Super Sweet

on July 26, 2019

XD Sub Compact Mod 2 with Gas Pedal® CG.

After extensive field testing and carry, this is Doc's favorite self defense gun. With Gas Pedal® grip it is easiest carry gun Doc has ever shot. So good, he uses it for his personal Self Defense Gun. Rhythm is outstanding and it's a natural pointer. Hardly any flip and comes back on target super fast for accurate doubles. And very reasonably priced. What more could you want?

Discount For Springfield XD

on June 27, 2019

Doc absolutely loves the XD Mod 2 with Gas Pedal® CG. It makes gun unbelievably sweet to shoot. He never thought he would say that about Springfield.  Better news,  on sale ,enter discount code XDSUM at checkout to get one for $49.50 Also good for XD Sub Compact Mod 2.

Gas Pedal® CG now legal for competition

on May 24, 2019

Gas Pedal for Carry Gun


We are Very Happy to announce that the Gas Pedal® CG for Everyday Carry Gun has been approved as legal for USPSA Production and Carry Optics competition. Now you can compete with your carry gun AND race with the same OPP Grip Technique that has dominated competition.