Save .1 second per shot

Save .1 second per shot

RACERS, want to save .1 second per acquisition shot? Most shooters dont know the brain reactions are  about .1 second faster with proprioception rather that vision. What this means on acquisitions ...

discounted amo

    "Visit for cheap ammo deals."  

Price Reduction on Glock 19


NEW PARTS in Stock

We have been busy, New parts in stock for  Sig 220,226,228,209 (some) Glock 17,19,22,23,43x Beretta 92,92x Sig P365 XMacro

Eight Championships in a Row, Winning dont lie

Congrats to Aaron Eddins who won the 2022 USPSA championship with Gas Pedal brand. This makes eight years in a row, that championship was won with opposable grip. Benny Hill, the gunsmith, said "Wi...

More products, more Pistols

  July1st We have added a number of Gas Pedal® Products for more pistols.. We now have models for Sig P365, Glock, Springfield XD Mod 2, Springfield Sub Compact, Springfield Hellcat, FN 509, and mu...

New instructional Videos Explain Opposable Pistol Grip

PLEASE WAIT a few seconds for Vids to load  

Legion or X5 problem

Problem Only X5 Legion, some Spectre, some AXG, No other models effected. Problem with uncaptured guide rod.  IT DOES NOT AFFECT FUNCTION OF FIREARM. This is not just a problem with our brand. Stoc...

XD SC is Super Sweet

XD Sub Compact Mod 2 with Gas Pedal® CG. After extensive field testing and carry, this is Doc's favorite self defense gun. With Gas Pedal® grip it is easiest carry gun Doc has ever shot. So good, ...