• Gas Pedal  thumb rest Carry Gun sig p320
  • OPP (opposable)  Thumb rest Grip for sig p320
  • Gas Pedal thumb rest on Sig p320 x5
  • Gas Pedal CG  thumb rest for Sig P320 carry gun
  • Gas Pedal CG  thumb rest on Sig P320
  • Gas Pedal take down lever thumb rest  Sig P320 .45 acp
  • Opposable Grip thumb rest  on Sig P320
  •  Gas Pedal Opposable Grip Thumb rest on Sig P320
  • Opposable Grip on Sig P320
  • Gas Pedal Thumb rest on Sig p320
  • Thumb rest DLC Coating
  • Gas Pedal® CG for Sig P320

Gas Pedal® CG for Sig P320

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Fastest, easiest way to shoot

OPP Wing™ tech

In Stock NOW

  • Now Easy self defense for everyone

  • Makes repeatable, reliable, accurate  high power shots much easier.
  •  OPP Wing™ for OPP Grip for Carry Guns
  • Fits ALL Sig P320 calibers and frame sizes
  • Controls recoil even for those without big or strong hands
  • Ultimate Gender Equality
  • Helps Eliminates windage error AKA trigger jerk

  • Fits many holsters and virtually all with minor mod
  • No Gunsmithing Drop In easy DIY Part
  • Concept proven in Racing having dominated  National and World Championships
  • Minimal addition of width
  • No Snag design
  • Contoured to ergonomically position thumb
  • Saves on Ammo training costs. Much quicker to master than traditional methods.
  • Genuine Gas Pedal® Brand
  • Patent Pending

This is Doc's dream come true; easy self defense for everyone. No longer just a dominating technique for expensive pistols. It's a drop in part that makes it much easier to shoot hot loads even for those without strong hands, very easy to learn, repeatable, reliable and accurate. The  OPP Grip concept has been proven in competition  having dominated National and World Championships (And won consecutive National Champions, 2015, 2016, 217, 2018). The OPP Grip is much easier to learn than traditional methods. Just put your off hand thumb on Gas Pedal and squeeze. It's that simple.

    Video shows how fast a box stock gun can be with Gas Pedal CG, and proper thumb orientation ( pressing towards the bore.) Real Time and slow motion. Tight group center of mass.

    Before it was a competition conept, Now it comes for a carry gun, This model is for Sig P320, the pistol adopted by US Military. No gunsmithing, can be installed in a minute or less by replacing take down lever.

    Other Models: As of early December, the Sig P320 model fits all calibers and and sizes available now. Coming Mid to late December will be model for XD 2.0. Early 2019, models for XDs, FN 509 AND a LEFT HANDED version for Sig P320


    SIDE View of best direction to apply force with thumb. Pressure should be felt with  radial (side) of thumb pad.

    Oblique view of pressure and direction.

    CNC billet milled out of 4140 RH 32

    HOLSTERS: Adds only about .250 inches to width of gun compared to stock and fits most  holsters, those that don't fit, require only minor mods.

    Known fits are like Uncle Mikes Sidekick (Padded),Comp-Tac and  Compact Blackhawk  CQC retention Holster even with Romeo sight, Sidecar and Raptor holster and Safariland 6390RDS ,Safariland 6360 RDS . More Holster listings on the way.

    FINISH’S AVAILABLE. The identical part is available in Black Nitride, DLC (Diamond Like Coating) and Black Nitride with Grit on Pedal. There is no difference in function. All are semi matte Black. Black Nitride is slightly thicker and just a tad shinier, it can show minor imperfections easier. DLC coating is  slightly flatter black, thinner coating but harder. Black Nitride with Grit is Black Nitride all over with Grit embedded on Pedal Surface Bonded by Cerakote. The Grit version has more traction but is a little rougher on thumbs. Experience with Grit finish in Racing shows more traction but may wear after many rounds. 

    IMPORTANT: Angle your thumb 45 degrees to bore. DO NOT press straight down. If your thumb slides off you are not putting pressure in the right direction.

    INSTRUCTIONS For Best Use (pdf)