How do you make the never have failed SuperComp® Brake even tougher? As most of you know, no SuperComp® Brake has ever failed, NEVER. But we wanted to make it even tougher. So we started out with  17-4 martensitic precipitation hardened stainless steel (Not your fathers's stainless). 17-4 is extremely hard and corrosion resistant. It is usually used for vital aircraft parts. We added extremely hard Black Nitride. Result, not only our great performing brake but one that will likely require minimal maintenance over time.

As follower of GoGun® USA  you may know, our best selling finish is Black Parkerize on Chrome Moly 4140. Parkerize is a great finish as it can appear flat black or shiny depending on how much oil you put on it. It is a very long lasting finish. The only drawback to parkerize is if kept in a humid atmosphere or not oiled regularly, it can corrode. Black Nitride is shinier, a semigloss finish. It is very good looking deep black with just enough shine to show contours. The big attraction of Black Nitride is on Stainless it rarely if ever corrodes. Last years Stainless model was 416, a much easier metal to machine but is softer so we heat treated it after. 416 is what most Stainless Steel barrels are made from.

We don’t know of any other manufacturer that has taken the time to try and tame this very strong combination for firearms parts. Frankly it just plain takes a lot of time to get right. Look for it on our SuperComp® brakes. For now we are starting with our SuperComp® XL for .223,.308 and 7.62 x 39 (AK version). Look for it on other models if our shooters like it.