Gas Pedal  Springfield Hellcat
Gas Pedal  ® Srpingfield Hellcat
Easiest way to shoot with Opposable Grip
Gas Pedal  ® Springfield Hellcat
Gas Pedal Springfield Hellcat
Gas Pedal take down lever for Spring field Hellcat
Gas Pedal  ® Take down lever for Hellcat
Happiness Confidence and security in self defense

Gas Pedal® Hellcat, Hellcat Pro

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PROBLEM: GETTING A GOOD GRIP ON A  SMALL PISTOL? Afraid of not getting a grip?
ANSWER: This part makes it  easier, faster, accurate  by enabling the Opposable Grip (OppGrip)


Fastest, easiest way to shoot for Self Defense and Every Day Carry. This is page for Springfield Hellcat  and Hellcat OSP. Drop in take down lever.   

  • Easiest self-defense  for everybody.

  • Solves Most Shooting problems

  • Makes it easier for small or weak hands or strongest hands also

  • Makes repeatable, reliable, accurate  high power shots much easier. EVEN in high stress situations.

  • OPP Wing®and MicroProp™tech for OPP Grip. (aka Thumb clamp grip)

  • Controls recoil even for those without big or strong hands

  • Helps Eliminates windage error AKA trigger jerk

  • Over 30,000 in field with rave reviews from shooters and not a single failure to function*

  • Fits many holsters and virtually all with minor mod

  • No Gunsmithing Drop In easy DIY Part

  • Opposable Grip Concept proven in Racing having dominated  National and World Championships. Now also proven by SWAT teams and duty PD for carry gun.

  • Minimal addition of width, Fits Most Holsters

  • No Snag design

  • Contoured to ergonomically position thumb

  • Saves on Ammo training costs. Much quicker to master than traditional methods.

  • Genuine Gas Pedal® Brand

  • 100% Made in USA, Designed by Grip Holdings, LLC  

  • CNC billet made alloy steel, QPQ coating black, Extremely hard finish.

  • No Refunds on this part unless you contact us first with good reason to make exception to this rule.

Very easy to learn, repeatable, reliable and accurate. The  OPP Grip concept has been proven in competition  having dominated National and World Championships And won consecutive National Champions, 2015, 2016, 217, 2018,2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.And also in the field with rave reviews by shooters , SWAT teams and duty PD. The OPP Grip is much easier to learn than traditional methods. Just put your off hand thumb on Gas Pedal® Grip and squeeze. It's that simple.

    Video shows how fast a box stock gun can be with Gas Pedal CG, and proper thumb orientation ( pressing towards the bore.) Real Time and slow motion. Tight group center of mass.

    Before it was a competition concept, Now it comes for a carry gun,  No gunsmithing, can be installed in a minute or less by replacing take down lever.

    HOLSTERS, NO PROBLEM!: Adds only about .250 inches to width of gun compared to stock and fits most  holsters, those that don't fit, require only minor mods.

    If you dont have a Kydex holster that fits see this quick easy mod vid

    For more complicated holsters here is easy mod

    IMPORTANT Angle your thumb towards bore. DO NOT press straight down. If your thumb slides off you are not putting pressure in the right direction.


    *All take down levers fail eventually, however function is not usually affected