About Us

What is GoGun USA?

In two words, excellence and reliability.

GoGun® USA is a brand of firearms accessories with the Gas Pedal® brand of Opposable Grips, We were the first and still the best for Opposable Grip Accessories 

OUR MISSION IS TO ENABLE EASY SELF DEFENSE AND GENDER EQUALITY.  Over the years. There have been quite a few products and services affiliated with the GoGun name. Innovations over the years are too numerous to mention. Right to the point, With approaching 30,000 parts in the field, no metal part with GoGun name has ever failed in an unmodified firearm . To be honest we had had a hand full of cracks in competition guns,  BUT THEY DID NOT FAIL TO FUNCTION

NOW for carry guns too!

It still has the same core of guys who have developed these products over close to 25 years. The guys have their roots in competition,  military special weapons, physics and biodynamic sports medicine.

As with every long term group we have set of principles that guide us.  For us they are out of the box thinking in achieving the holey grail of shooting, namely the three R’s:
Recoil control, Rhythm, and Reliability.  

To our knowledge, no metal GoGun® part has EVER caused failure to function, not one, never. (Reliability conquered). 

GoGun® Gas Pedal® grips  for pistol yields the best rhythm ever achieved in pistol shooting proved in National and Word Wide competitions while greatly reducing flip all four components of recoil. Gas Pedal® for Rifle or Shotgun enhances rhythm, aid weapons retention and mitigates the muzzle rise portion of recoil. And makes it much easier for Joe or Josephine Average Shooter.

The Gas Pedal® grip for pistol a enable the opposable grip which is most repeatable and reliable grip for any weapon. The opposable grip was pioneered by the GoGun guys in the 90’s and we believe we still have a highly superior, product, understanding of physics, and biodynamics than any other group around. Our products continue to evolve to take advantage of recent but improved and  reliable manufacturing techniques. 

Our parts are precise, For most of our products tolerances are less than + OR - of .002 inches.

We are located in Hawaii, USA and been in firearms services and parts for over 25 years.