Gas Pedal® P322 for Sig Sauer
Gas Pedal® P322 for Sig Sauer

Gas Pedal® P322 for Sig Sauer

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Style:Right Hand Trigger finger

Doc thinks the Sig P322 is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. We couldn't resist putting a Gas Pedal® assist on on on this gem. It's a fun factor increaser and accuracy training too! Even Doc can hit with it. Great for training with(OppGrip)

Practice the  easy Opposable Grip technique with OPP WING® tech

  • Easier self defense for everyone

  • Ultimate Gender Equality

  • Does NOT interfere with Take Down Lever

  • Solves the problem of shooting a small pocket pistol

  •  A Gas Pedal® Grip for either Right or Left Handers.

  • Makes repeatable, accurate shots  in high stress situations.

  •  OPP Wing® for OPP Grip for Carry Guns

  • Helps Control recoil even for those without big or strong hands

  • Helps Eliminates windage error AKA trigger jerk

  • Uses tech proven in its big brother, P320 Gas Pedal® Take Down Lever and  before that dominating Racing World and an US Championships.

  • No Gunsmithing Drop In easy DIY Part

  • Concept proven in Racing having dominated  National and World Championships

  • MicroProp™ surface for maximum proprioception (aka max grip)

  • Minimal addition to width of pistol, (aprox 265 thousands ),

  • No Snag design

  • Contoured to ergonomically position thumb

  • Saves on Ammo training costs. Much quicker to master than traditional methods.

  • Genuine Gas Pedal® Brand, 100% Made in USA.

  • Tech Descended from many  Winning National and World Championships 

  •  No Gunsmithing, easy drop in part. Has all the advantages of four axis control as all other Gas Pedal Models, namely flip, windage(aka trigger jerk), twist and pure rear impulse.

  • Right hand means Trigger finger is Right. Left hand  means Trigger finger is Left.

  • Light weight .3oz!

  • Manufactured with ultra high tech 3d printing which yields Nylon glass infuse, similar to other gun polymers used in polymer frames. Not your older brother’s 3d printing.