What to do if you cant time your brake with crush washer provided

What to do? I cant make my SuperComp® brake time right with the Crush Washer you provided. It wont go on all the way.

This is a common and easily remedied problem. It stems from fact that threads on barrel vary widely and there is no common industry standard end point.

Here is what to do. Clean threads on brake and barrel thoroughly. Screw on brake finger tight. It should go on most of the way. If it does not, something is up with incorrect threading and stop there.

If it does screw most of way,  Then apply up to 90 ft pounds of torque with barrel vice and torque wrench to time brake to twelve o’clock. If you are not able to apply that much torque or it still does not line up remove brake and washer. Take a flat file or course sandpaper and take 3 or 4 thousands of inch off width of crush washer. Try again. Repeat as many time as you need so you can get it timed with about 30 ft pounds of torque. Or you can try a thinner or thicker crush washer.


And yes we strongly recommend use of crush washer because eventually after several thousand rounds you will want to remove it to clean the crown of barrel or accuracy will suffer. There will always be a slight carbon buildup at end of last thread on barrel which eventually works its way across crown to bore. If you Locktite it you are stuck and cant remove for cleaning. If you don’t want to go through with above procedure you can use a Jam Nut but I don’t recommend it because sometimes they loosen.

You can also try different brand of crush washer, as some are thicker or thinner than others. Its really just the luck of the draw whether the crush washer you use matches, your barrel threading as all manufacturers are a little different.

Do not think it is fault of brake. All SuperComp® brakes have threads cut with multiple pass single point cutting which is much more expensive to do than most manufacturers and gives a much more precise thread.

Dr. Chet