We talk a big Game, This is what our Customers say.

John S

I immediately got better recoil control and was my first upgrade. It allowed me to regain target acquisition faster and to improve my timing


The gas pedal helps tremendously with stability and accuracy. 

Theartis W

Love the Gas paddle

Pete H

Makes a huge difference in my grip!

Sie P.

 I realized how natural it felt and how I could handle the recoil, how I point and present the gun felt great. Best thing I ever put on . Highly recommended 

Brian Z

The quality is amazing. No flaws. It helps with the recoil amazingly. All shots on target, with more control while firing quicker than usual

Don O

easy to install and makes shooting better.

David K

A simple modification that surprisingly makes a big difference in your shooting.

Michael S

The return to zero was quick and spot on.

Instant reference point for your support thumb. Highly recommend!!!

Joseph L

Must have item game changer

Tyler J

This gas pedal makes the pistol feel like it molds into your hand.

Leon D.

Exactly as described.

Scott H

Works as stated.

Tom M 

This took my 7 yard groupings from 4 inches to under 2 inches and my 25 yards from "did I hit the target?" to 6 inches. Phenomenal accuracy from the additional stability. Cannot recommend highly enough.


The gas pedal provides a better feeling of stability.

Wes M.

I’m really enjoying using the P320 Gas Pedal Takedown Lever. It really does help with recoil reduction.

Edward K

Can’t believe how much this simple addition to my P320 Carry added to my grip/control, my overall accuracy and keeping my pistol on target for follow-up shots.

Glenn J

Excellent enhancement

Dennis S

 I like it so much, that I bought one for my P220, P227, P320 X10, P320AXG Elite, P226 and my P365X. Also my Springfield Armory XDM 10. It works great on all of them.


This has been the best accessory I've added to any pistol. From the draw my thumb finds the pedal fast and my follow up shots have sped way up.

Lee S

I like the way it enhances "crushing" the grip with my support hand, allowing my strong hand more freedom to manipulate the trigger.

Harold N

 Tames my .45 ACP. Looks factory. 

Mark R

Fit and finish were excellent. Gives a great contact point for my support hand thumb. I like that it fits into my Safariland ALS duty holsters as well.



I really didn't expect this thing to help as much as it did. It's amazing how much faster I get back on target

James C

It even helped me tune my low left shooting out.