Gender Equality

Our primary mission at GoGun® USA is to make defensive shooting easier for everybody, regardless of physical ability.

Gender is a hot topic these days. Statistically women have in general smaller less  powerful hands than men. However that does not mean those with small or weak hands have to compromise.

Remember you can't be happy if you dont feel secure. Security comes from confidence in your firearm and the Opposable grip makes it easy to get confident.

 Up until recently, the recommendation for women has been a smaller gun with a less powerful cartridge. For example .380 auto. But these weaker cartridges wont usually stop a bad guy.

One of reasons is it takes a lot of strength in hands and Arms to use the old school, “neutral” or combat grip for full power loads.

With the Gas Pedal® type Opposable Grip, those with smaller or weaker hands can handle full power loads with ease. The secret is leverage and opposable grip.

 It also solves the most common errors occasional shooters make, Namely Trigger Jerk and inconsistent grip. It is much simpler than traditional grip. Simple leads to consistency which leads to proficiency.

Just put your off hand thumb on Pedal and squeeze naturally with off hand towards the bore, not down. Dominant hand loose for precise triigger ontrol. Do  not worry if with your old grip, you cannot reach the Pedal. Put your off hand thumb on Pedal first, and forget where rest of hand and palms end up. There will usually be a gap between palms which is fine.

Gas Pedal® assists make no compromise shooting for everyone!