Happiness Confidence and security in self defense

Let’s start with something essential but not obvious. You cannot be happy unless you feel secure. Let that percolate a little. After some thought it becomes obvious.

Since we have the rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, how do we achieve the required security to be happy? There are lots of ways.

However in this changing world infused with violence that seems to be getting worse day by day, one would argue that confidence in self-defense would be highly desirable.

That is the goal of GoGun® USA, namely, to make that security feeling available to everyone.

Combine that with mastery of a skill and you have something to be proud off besides being secure.

In the firearms world confidence can be achieved the easy way or the hard way. The classic method (aka neutral grip or combat grip) chases proficiency, in a complex hard way. It requires a lot of unnatural skills to be acquired, usually along a hard road of ups and down.

In contrast the newer opposable grip is very easy to learn and easily achieves consistency which automatically increases confidence. Just put your off hand thumb on an assist  or purchase point and squeeze your off hand.  Nothing else matters, not stance,  not arm position, not a complicated coordination of hand, arm and shoulders, not to mention lower body as well. Keep your trigger finger loose for precise control of trigger to avoid jerked shots

Opposable grip is  very simple; think left hand squeeze with your thumb hard magnified by the leverage of thumb assist and keep trigger loose for precise shot placement. It really is that simple. Forget about where your palms end up on handle. Likely there will be a gap in palms which is fine.

Opposable grip is easiest way to get repeatability. Repeatability causes confidence. Confidence leads to security.  The fact of the ego executing something perfectly yields the recipe for Happiness in shooting whether is happens at the range or somewhere else. With the opposable grip each shot gives a sense of pleasure, and mastery of skill

With the old way you can shoot a lot rounds to  achieve mastery. Or with the new way, with a  lot fewer  rounds and simpler method ,you can achieve  confidence which leads to security and happiness.