Testimonial SuperComp® XL .308


WOW. Blown Away By It's Performance.  Three reason you pick a muzzle break. #1 Recoil reduction, #2 Muzzle rise reduction and #3 Its looks.

I tested the Super Comp XL in the .223/5.56 for an AR15. The Super Comp LX is about 3 inches long. It's got 14 port holes. In my opinion The XL Looks Bad A#@, and functions AMAZINGLY. It worth every bit of the 5 stars I gave it. It reduced recoil about 40%* and reduced Muzzle Rise about 90%*. It made it so much easier to keep on target for rapid fire, which is a must for a tactical AR15. I was blown away at the quality of the Muzzle Brake and how it performed. I know Go Gun makes this same Brake but 1 inch smaller called the Super Comp NT. A standard AR Muzzle tool will be required to remove/install a Muzzle Brake. I would recommend a multi-function AR tool, they cost about $20 and can be used to do just about everything you will need to do to an AR.

Note * how it felt in my opinion.
Disclaimer: I rate items according the quality and price. Meaning I may give something a 5 star rating even though there is a better, more expensive, option available. For example, a $50 red dot sight will not be as good as a Trijicon or EOTech ($500-$1500). If I gave it a 5 star rating it's because I feel for $50 it is well worth the money, not because it is just as good. And it should be obvious to most, but just wanted to clarify.

Team Getscher, August 16, 2015

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 Less than 1" of muzzle rise in my SR 25 build.  Really well controlled.

Chris Edwards, January 20, 2016

My wife got me this brake for X-mas.  It turned my Tikka 300 wsm into a pussy cat ("kicks" less than my varmint .260 rem).  The recoil pushes straight back with an extended push rather than a snap or slap.  The recoil is very, very manageable with this brake and I recommend this brake for all .308 applications!  If I had to make the purchase again however, I would have paid the slight extra charge for the lighter titanium model as this brake adds noticeable weight to the end of the barrel.  If you are looking to mitigate a great deal of felt recoil on your firearm, I would not hesitate to pull the trigger on this brake!

Rebecca, January 3, 2016

I have a SuperComp XL muzzle brake installed on the 7.62x39 and a 5.56x45 AR Harden arms upper.  Would highly recommend them!!!

Barry Setser, December 27, 2015

This is a great muzzle break had no problem installing had to use another crush washer to make it

work on my 300blkout looks really sharp love it.  Took to the range I could tell the difference the first shot.  5☆☆☆☆☆ all day.  

RA, November 30, 2015

Good quality, convenient to get, and reasonable price.

yikesyorkies, November 20, 2015

Installed on a AR10 w/ 18" barrel.  Reduces felt recoil, follow up shot much quicker. Rather loud if standing next to rifle.  No muzzle flare with scope, fit required 2 shims and crush washer.  Will buy one for AR15.


NickD, November 11, 2015

This is the read deal it cuts down a 308 kick to a 223 awesome muzzle brake


CHRIS, October 3, 2015

Awesome comp. Muzzle doesn't jump, spin or move (at least on my 7.62x51 Ruger Precision Rifle).  Keeps the scope right on the target after the shot. I wish I had put this on my AR's when I bought them. If I change out anything on my AR's or M1A in the future it will be with a SuperComp. It is everything the manufacturer claims it to be

ByBB, August 31, 2015




"With out a doubt the finest seller on Amazon or any where else for that matter. A 10 star seller by far. To say cust satisfaction is there priority would be an understatement, i had an issue which turns out WAS NOT there fault, but these fine folks worked with me to resolve the issue. They didn't have to do that but they did i just can't say enough good things about them i used all my space THNX!"  

WT, August 9, 2015

Great product, zero complaints. Really calms down the muzzle jump of my 700 bolt action .308

BC, September 29, 2014

“SuperComp XL Muzzle Brake is great. Far exceeds my expectations. I would highly recommend this muzzle brake to anyone. I went to the range with it installed on my AR10 and tried it with and without the brake and the difference is amazing.”

DS, November 25, 2014

“Far exceeds my expectations I would highly reccomend this muzzle brake to anyone. I went to the range with it installed on my AR10 and tried it with and without the brake and the difference is amazing.”

NICHOLAS, August 7, 2015


I didn't factor shipping into my review, but its worth saying that go gun is great with shipping, at least

if you pay for the 2 day shipping like I did. The brake arrived in the pictured packaging (at least you get what you see), the brake was coated in a thick layer of something similar to cosmoline (took 10 minutes and a solvent soaked rag to clean the outside alone) and sealed in a zip-lock bag. The crush washer was free of any preserving grease and fits snug over the threads with zero movement. Installation was easy, once the brake touched the crush washer I used a 3/4" wrench (very precise fit on the grooves) to twist it down another 2 turns to lock it in place. I didn't bother with the timing tool but simply used a speed square from my garage and aligned the top holes with my sight post. All in all it turned a 18" barrel into a 20 3/4" barrel (measured from the flat front of the upper to the very end of the brake). The threads are smooth as can be and the finish is not glossy as pictured, and is instead much the same as the bead blasted titanium one on here, but is consistant and seems to be of great quality. I have yet to range test it, but all other reviews seem to stay consistent on reported recoil reduction.

2F, September 2, 2014

“Awesome break. mounted to my Savage model 10 FCP in .308 and it performs very well. No negative impact with accuracy. The recoil is significantly reduced allowing for excellent follow up target acquisition. Would definitely recommend this product”

A, April 2, 2015

“I custom installed this on 6.5 grendel.  This brake does its job well, not that a 6.5 grendel has alot of recoil, but allows faster follow up shots with less sight movement. It balances out fit and function.”

T, January 21, 2015


“Nice, I attached this to my Rem. 700 5R 300 Win Mag. What a huge difference.The recoil is less that my standard barrel 308.”

BB, July 5, 2015



“This is the one for an AR10 in .308. It words as advertised to reduce recoil and muzzle flip.”

H, January 22, 2015


“This works like a really good muzzle brake without the increased sound or rearward blast. You can't say this of a lot of other brakes. This will be going on all my future builds.”

H, December 27, 2014