How Does The Gas Pedal® RS2 Work For Rifle And Shotgun?

It took about 10 years to refine the Gas Pedal® concept for pistol and another 5 years to apply the principles to Rifles. It uses the same principle of offhand grip to stabilize and point firearm using the universal battle stance which is off hand side of body leads and strong side follows. In practice it is an Ambidextrous design that allows the offhand thumb a solid purchase on the rifle. Its ergonomic design fits the side and pad of thumb perfectly and turns a rifle into a natural pointer, enhancing weapons retention while simultaneously aids in faster acquisition. It reduces Muzzle rise and does not allow the thumb to block the operators view, with or without iron sights. When used with a SuperComp® brake it turns ordinary Rifle shooting to a whole different experience. It mounts to forend of Rifle via Picatiny rail or slot to rail adaptor and forever ends the subconscious dilemma of exactly where you index thumb goes on the forend.