Works great just like all Gas Pedal® Grips but the Gas 
Pedal® Grip Panel is truly a game changer for John Browning’s 1911.
It brings championship proven Racing Technology now available to the average shooter.
Triples your grip force*
Makes it easy to shoot a box stock 1911 with full power 
ammo with very little flip and much milder perceived recoil. Super EZ on installation. Simply remove your stock grip and replace them with Gas Pedal® Grip Panel. Done.
Like all Gas Pedal® grips, it provides a full opposable grip with 4-axis control. A special feature unique to this model is the texture. The texture needs to be held and shot to be appreciated. It provides a total experience 
for the left hand. It has texture patterned to ensure perfect draw and grip everytime. And like all Gas Pedal® grips, it “gets you in touch” with your gun. This enhanced shooter/ firearm interaction will improve your guns rhythm.**
Draw is much easier, no more fumbling for grip. You 
get a perfect strong high grip every time. Target reacquisition is quick and easy. Second shot is really a snap because there is much less sight movement. Easy to get sub .20 splits with a STOCK gun! And like all Gas Pedals, it allows for advanced tactical techniques for close quarters combat.
Improves accuracy because it makes it easy to avoid trigger jerk.
Makes it much easier for those with small or weak hands to tame the recoil of .45acp.
Why settle for a smaller caliber?
Compatible with enhanced close quarters combat techniques.
Precision CNC milled out of solid billet aircraft aluminum makes it BattleTuff for life.
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