Works like the ORIGINAL ONE that started it all. 
For Direct Gunsmith mount to most steel frames (dust cover). 
Very Low Profile

  • The Fastest way to shoot, period.
  • Less dot movement
  • Perfect, strong grip every time
  • Anatomically correct for all sizes of hands
  • Will position your hands for best effect
  • Stop wasting 70% of your grip strength
  • Aircraft aluminum CNC billet made Battle Tough
  • Trade Dress Monolithic Wing aids performance
  • 17 years of refinement by GM, M, and A shooters and Sports Medical Physician MD.
  • Cut-away for slide stop
  • Does not require removal for disassembly
  • Tames recoil of a .45 to shoot like a 9mm
  • Say “Goodbye” to big flip!
  • Mounts directly to the dust cover
  • Available to fit various 1911 and 2011 frames.
  • Machined aluminum finish
  • US Patent Number D658,263
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