Best muzzle brake


  • Least sight movement available of ANY brake we have tested.
  • BattleTuff™ for life guarantee. Will not fail, Full auto compatible(in steel)
  • Excellent for fast follow up shot.
  • Range shooters report less than 10 MOA disturbance of reticle in recoil
  • Only Moderate side concussion 90 degrees Away from Shooter. Quieter than birdcage.
  • Not a flash hider
  • So little recoil, can be easily shot without mounting gun on shoulder.
  • This GoGun® Supercomp® XL Brake does not change your USPSA rifle division.
  • Pre-threaded and includes crush washer for easy installation.  
  • Extremly High Quality Precision CNC machined from pre-hardened billet best metals available
  • Will not affect accuracy or point of aim
  • Use with a Gas Pedal®  RS2 for rifle or shotgun for the least muzzle rise of ANY shooting method.
  • 100% made in USA, Designed, USA high quality metals, bits, CNC machines, double QC, all made in USA!
  • Patent D(s)   666,687   692,086 711,491


The  SuperComp® XL brake has great recoil reduction and fastest return to zero of any brake we know of including our own other SuperComp® brakes.  From .223 thru .308, it’s performance simply cannot be appreciated until shot. So good it is available on JP Rifles.

The SuperComp® XL brake  is by far our best seller.  Even eclipsing our original SuperComp® designs. It reduces recoil about 90% as well as the best but ALSO comes back to zero faster than any other brake we have tested. It’s secret is patented Hex SSP™ (Hex Star Stabilizing Pattern). A Patented design axial stabilizing gas redirection flow.

Like other GoGun® products it “breaks” the problem into multiple axis. In this case 6 (hex) plus 2 (impulse and flip).  Add internal mixing chambers to dissipate energy inside the brake and the result is a very sweet shooting brake that does not want to disturb your sight picture. 

Makes a .223 have virtually no recoil or sight movement and “feels like a .22”.   In .308, it feels like a .223. Suitable for Semi  Auto like the AR platform or Bolt Action like .308 Remington 700. Most shooters will be more than happy with the steel version. But Grade 5 Titanium billet is also available. As well as extremely hard 17-4 Stainless.

It uses the same patented SuperComp® Design as our other SuperComp® brakes but this model has three mixing chambers and a whopping 14 unique axial ports. No rearward facing gills for unwanted blast and side concussion is only moderate.  Sound is actually reduced compared to Birdcage. The result is incredibly fast follow up shots. Unlike Gill brakes and linear brakes, does NOT affect accuracy. 

Shooting .300 Blackout? Use the .308 model for hypersonic or subsonic loads and virtually no recoil. Actually excellent for any 30 Cal bullet that barrel has correct threading for.

So little muzzle movement, most time you can see your hits through the scope.



SuperComp® XL brake models for 2022

  • .223/556 Titanium Bead Blast Stealth Gray sku #304
  • **.308/7.62 Steel Parkerized sku #109
  • **.308/7.62 Steel Steel Black Nitride sku #119
  • .308/7.62 Titanium Bead Blast Stealth Gray sku #302
  • .308/7.62 17-4 Stainless Black Nitride sku #232
  • .223 Black Nitrde on 17-4 Stainless sku# 233
  • ..223 stainless bead blast sku #224
  • .308 stainless 17-4 sku 3235
  • **Our most popular SuperComp® brakes


    Available for calibers .223, .308 7.62 x51 

    • Thread pitch 1/2 x 28 tpi Standard for most .223 barrels
    • Thread pitch 5/8  x 24 tpi Standard for most thirty Cal barrels (eg .270 Win Mag, .308, Grendel, 6.5 etc.)
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