SuperComp® Brakes; Which Metal And Finish Is Best For Me?


    • First decide whether you want steel which is less expensive, or Titanium which is lighter and more expensive. However you will find great deals in both categories.
    • For those that expect heavy use and abuse Steel is better and caries our no baloney BattleTuff™ for life guarantee never to fail. Steel is more suitable for sustained fire.
    • Metal finishes are parkerize, which is flat black, black nitride which is semi gloss black, bead blast which is stealth gray or machine finish which is shiny silver like color.

For those that want the ultimate in light weight with superb effect and ultimate  fast CQB acquisition choose Titanium. Or if you simply want to show premium equipment, also choose Titanium.   Be aware that Titanium, even though more expensive, will wear eventually with bore widening. And Titanium sparks with hot loads. If you shoot a lot of rounds choose steel or replace Titanium after 10 to 20 thousand rounds. Steel will outlast you or your rifle

 Our Steel comes in several varieties, Billet Chrome Moly 4140  RH 28-32 prehardened which is best value and will outlast you, Billet Stainless 416 ( same steel used in most Stainless barrels), then heat treated. Our ultimate steel, new for 2017, is  17-4 martensitic precipitation hardened stainless steel . 17-4 is not your father's stainless. Most barrels of stainless are 416. 17-4 is MUCH tougher and will easily outlast your barrel.

Titanium is always grade 5 Billet.

Chrome Moly steel is available in coating  by Parkerized, phosphate finish. It is tried and true for long term use and when occasionally oiled properly should last through blast after blast. It can look flat black when thoroughly dried or can take on various degree of sheen depending on how much oil is put on it. TThe pros of Parkerize are easy to touch up, Can be flat or shiny depending on how much oil you put on, and it last. Cons are if not regularly oiled it can develop surface corrosion, which is usually removable by most gun cleaners.

New for 2017 is Chrome Moly and Stainless with Black Nitride Finish. It is very tough and deep black with slight satin sheen, unlike Parkerize it does not need regular oiling to be corrosion free.Both Parkerize and Black Nitride look great but its a matter of personal preference.

Stainless is not usually coated but is suitable for long term use and preferred finish is bead blast without coating which gives it a matte silver/lt gray look. This color is about same as most Stainless Steel barrels.

HOWEVER NEW for 2017 is Black Nitride on 17-4 Stainless. It is very tough and has a satin to semi gloss finish in Black. This combination of finish and metal is the ultimate in toughness and long life.

Titanium does not need Coating and comes in in bead blast. We discontinued the shiny Titanium but you can buff out the bead blast is you want a shiny look that changes color with number of shots fireOur most popular finish for Titanium is uncoated bead blasted and appears Stealth Gray.


Stainless 17-4 with Black Nitride is top of line and will not wear out. Even if finish is knicked or scratched, underlying 17-4 steel has superior corrosion resistance.