CONGRATULATIONS! Your forward thinking will allow you to improve your hand gun proficiency. The OPP Grip is super simple, just squeeze. You will likely need to adjust your thinking and grip. Those that try to use it with traditional thumbs forward Neutral grip will likely be disappointed and get poor results. So you need to forget some of what you know.


The Gas Pedal® CG has OPP Wing®  tech, designed to be used with OPP (Opposable) Grip; The same method that has dominated Open Class Shooting in USPSA competition, winning virtually every big competition. The Gas Pedal® CG is designed to use that same winning technique in a Carry Gun. Like Benny Hill, the gunsmith, said, “Winning don’t lie”


The OPP Wing® design facilitates the OPP grip and uses the off hand thumb with leverage as the maximum control in all four axis of recoil, namely; Impulse (straight back), flip, Windage Control (aka pulled or jerked shots), and rotation about bore axis. This is in direct contrast to the traditional neutral grip where the off hand thumb is not used at all. Any arm position or stance works fine.


To use effectively, you MUST push your offhand thumb toward bore and squeeze hard with off hand including fingers of off hand; and make trigger hand loose for precise trigger control. With this method, most shooting problems disappear automatically. For more detailed explanation see https:// gogunusa. com/ pages/faq or go to and click on OPP grip. Do NOT press straight down. Pressing straight down will yield poor results and can cause failure. Don’t pay any attention to where your palms end up.


IMPORTANT TIP: When you first try dry fire, start with gripping only with off hand thumb and fingers only. Then when you get feel of hard squeeze with off hand, then add loose strong hand with loose trigger finger for precise control.