We talk a VERY Big Game, but our shooters back us up. Quite simply SuperComp® Brakes are the best brakes you can buy, period.  They cover a wide range of shooters needs from calibers .223 through .308. They all share some of same characteristics: Least amount of dot movement for any comparable brake and fastest return to zero without sight movement stutter. Best design, best metals, best coatings, best manufacturing what more do you need?

They all have patented design of SuperComp® design different than any other brake. It’s secret is patented Hex SSP™ (6 way Star Stabilizing Pattern). They are all BattleTuff™ guaranteed for life and will not fail in any real world conditions. What they are not:  they are not flash hiders..

  • For an all-around awesome brake at good value without Talon Tips, in a slimmer package choose the SuperComp® No Talon (NT) Brake.
  • For the ULTIMATE in recoil reduction choose the SuperComp® XL Brake. Recoil reduction not believable until you shoot it.


SuperComp® No Talon Brake:
This is slimed down version of SuperComp® Talon Brake but without the Talon Tips. It is slightly lighter than SuperComp® Talon Brake and less expensive. If you don’t need the persuasion of Talon Tips, this is a great brake for all around purposes and terrific value. Virtually same recoil reduction in smaller profile. Two mixing chambers and 9 axial ports. Available in TITANIUM! LOW PRICE, LOW WEIGHT!







SuperComp® XL:
Fastest return to zero of any brake we have tested including our others in lineup. Slightly longer but still slim profile. Still super beefy like all SuperComp® brakes and Battletuff.

Features 3 mixing chambers and 14 axial ports. In .223 recoil feels more like .22. In .308 recoil feels more like .223. Also for very heavy loads like Win Mag . Very well suited for both Semi Auto, full auto, and excellent for Bolt action rifles. Shoot a bolt action .308 all day and not get a sore shoulder. So little movement you can watch your hits through the scope. Also available in AK model for 7.62 x 39 with LH 14 x 1 mm thread.


Tech Specs For SuperComp® Brakes

OAL (A) Adds to Rifle Length (B) Diameter Weight
SuperComp® XL Chrome Moly Steel 2.996" 2.4" 0.996" 4.8 oz
SuperComp® XL Titanium 2.996" 2.4" 0.996" 2.8 oz
SuperComp® XL Stainless Steel 2.996" 2.4" 0.996" 4.5 oz
SuperComp® Tactical Talon Steel 2.87" 1.8" to exit hole,2.37" to tips 0.996" 3.9 oz
SuperComp® Tactical Talon Titanium 2.87" 1.8" to exit hole,2.37" to tips 0.996" 2.2 oz
SuperComp® NT Steel 2.3" 1.7" 0.996" 3.8 oz
SuperComp® NT Titanium 2.3" 1.7" 0.996" 2.0 oz

*All weight and dimensions are approximate.