SuperComp® Brakes cover a wide range of shooters needs from calibers .223 through .308. They all share some of same characteristics: Least amount of dot movement for any comparable brake and fastest return to zero without sight movement stutter. So Good they are available on JP™ Enterprises custom builds and  the SuperComp® Tactical Talon is standard on some JP™  tactical model.

They all have patented design of SuperComp® design different than any other brake. It’s secret is patented Hex SSP™ (6 way Star Stabilizing Pattern). They are all BattleTuff™ guaranteed for life and will not fail in any real world conditions. What they are not:  they are not flash hiders.

  • If you want the most awesome look and beefiest brake around and want persuasion Talon Tips, choose the SuperComp® Talon Brake.
  • If you want the Talon Tips in a slimmer package, choose the SuperComp® Talon Tactical Brake.
  • For an all-around awesome brake at good value without Talon Tips, in a slimmer package choose the SuperComp® No Talon (NT) Brake.
  • For the ULTIMATE in recoil reduction choose the SuperComp® XL Brake. Recoil reduction not believable until you shoot it.

SuperComp® Talon Tactical Brake:
Like the big Talon Brake, has patented and trade dress patented persuasion tips but in slimmer profile similar to the No Talon and XL models. Two mixing chambers, 9 axial ports. Awesome look. Available in Chrome Moly Steel or TITANIUM.

SuperComp® No Talon Brake:
This is slimed down version of SuperComp® Talon Brake but without the Talon Tips. It is slightly lighter than SuperComp® Talon Brake and less expensive. If you don’t need the persuasion of Talon Tips, this is a great brake for all around purposes and terrific value. Virtually same recoil reduction in smaller profile. Two mixing chambers and 9 axial ports. NEW for 2017 9mm      NEW FOR 2016 Available in TITANIUM! LOW PRICE, LOW WEIGHT!







SuperComp® XL:
Fastest return to zero of any brake we have tested including our others in lineup. Slightly longer but still slim profile. Still super beefy like all SuperComp® brakes and Battletuff.

Features 3 mixing chambers and 14 axial ports. In .223 recoil feels more like .22. In .308 recoil feels more like .223. Also for very heavy loads like Win Mag . Very well suited for both Semi Auto, full auto, and excellent for Bolt action rifles. Shoot a bolt action .308 all day and not get a sore shoulder. So little movement you can watch your hits through the scope. Also available in AK model for 7.62 x 39 with LH 14 x 1 mm thread.


Tech Specs For SuperComp® Brakes

OAL (A) Adds to Rifle Length (B) Diameter Weight
SuperComp® XL Chrome Moly Steel 2.996" 2.4" 0.996" 4.8 oz
SuperComp® XL Titanium 2.996" 2.4" 0.996" 2.8 oz
SuperComp® XL Stainless Steel 2.996" 2.4" 0.996" 4.5 oz
SuperComp® Tactical Talon Steel 2.87" 1.8" to exit hole,2.37" to tips 0.996" 3.9 oz
SuperComp® Tactical Talon Titanium 2.87" 1.8" to exit hole,2.37" to tips 0.996" 2.2 oz
SuperComp® NT Steel 2.3" 1.7" 0.996" 3.8 oz
SuperComp® NT Titanium 2.3" 1.7" 0.996" 2.0 oz

*All weight and dimensions are approximate.