History of the Gas Pedal Grip

 Yes we invented the “opposable” grip concept with the introduction of the Gas Pedal® grip. The history of the Gas Pedal is somewhat convoluted. Some say a similar device was used in the early 80’s but abandoned because it did not work well. GoGun Guys, Master Shooter, Cem Esteban, along with a Sports Medical Physician, and GM, A, and B shooters perfected the “Gas Pedal ® opposable grip”, as we know it today, in the 1990’s in USPSA competition. Several Hawaii based teams competed with the Gas Pedal® grip in US Nationals and Area Matches in the 90’s. However, American tradition being what it was, it was not well received then in the USA at that time. But shooters worldwide embraced the concept. Esteban continued making the Gas Pedals by hand until 2010 when CNC machines allowed him to introduce it all shooters with larger numbers of parts made.

FLASH NEWS: October 2015 Gas Pedal® Racing Team wins Triple Crown at US National championship winning First Overall (Chris Tilley), First Lady (Kaci Cochran) and First Junior (Kincaid Ross)

In the early 2000’s a foreign company introduced a similar product which in truth was a “thumb rest”, not a true Gas Pedal® part and unfortunately improperly used the name “Gas Pedal”. To confuse matters more, a non USA, International Shooter used their version, improperly named Gas Pedal to win several World Titles.  Even more confusing, that particular early Not Really a Gas Pedal has design flaws that in many cases make the problems worse and still today, we hear the concept dissed because of the inferior copycat reputation. Hence the early bad rap on the Gas Pedal® was earned by an imitation product, not the real thing. Today,Most of the top competition shooters worldwide today use the opposable grip but the opposable grip is only just recently being recognized by top shooters in USA as a superior method for some. Its superiority has been demonstrated by winning most National and World competitions, from Junior to Senior. It is a gender equalizer for women shooters who want to shoot heavy calibers and wins ladies championships as well.