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SuperComp® Talon .223 Muzzle Brake .556 CNC Parkerized billet chome moly steel (108)

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  • It is the beefiest brake we know of and was designed to take incredible abuse and look unique
  • This THE Orignal Talon Brake, not a copy cat, Patented and Trade Dress Talon Tips will not cut skin unintentionally
  • This .223/5.56 model is parkerized CNC pre hardened chrome molly steel. Please note these are new but have been in storage. They are in excellent condition but are no longer being produced.
  • Pre threaded ½ inch x 28 tpi with crush washer included

This is the ORIGINAL patented SuperComp® Talon Brake. Big and Beefy 1 1/4 inch in diameter. No longer in production, When they are gone, they are gone.

This is one of the coolest looking and best functioning rifle brakes on the Planet. Besides looking great it works incredibly well with virtually no recoil and a very satisfying deep yet relatively quiet report with only moderate side concussion. Talon Brake has Unique 2 chamber 9 axial port design unlike any other brake. Others have poorly copied the patented Talon Tips and unique mixing chambers and large axial ports with poor results. Don't buy a copycat. Unlike others, ports will not foul with dirt, debris or dirty amo. You can count on the original when you need it most. There are thousands of these brakes in the field and none have ever failed.

Just about everyone has the same response when they first shoot it, AMAZEMENT and hardly virtually no sight movement and very fast return to zero. None have ever failed in ANY real world conditions. No restrictions on use or amo. This is Steel .223/5.56 model,  Weight 6.5 oz 2.92 inches x 1.2 inches in Steel.  US Patent #D666,687 Talon Tips Patented, Trade Dress Tips and ports. US Patent #D692,086 Axial Port design restated as Design without Talon Tips. Important Condition Note. These are new unused, Still covered by BattleTuff for life warranty.

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