• gas pedal thumb rest
  • gas pedal thumb rest
  • Gas Pedal® Racer Cut sku 112 and 115
  • gas pedal thumb rest black
  • gas pedal thumb rest black
  • Gas Pedal® Racer Cut sku 112 and 115
  • Gas Pedal thumb rest red
  • gas pedal thumb rest black

Gas Pedal® Racer Cut sku 112 and 115

Racer Cut Gas Pedal® with OPP Wing™ tech

Racer Cuts are still available but once they are gone, only Opposable Extreme will be available. We have many now,  so if you love the Racer Cut, Stock up now.

From the guys that started the Opp grip (opposable grip), Fastest Way to Shoot, Proven. Genuine Gas Pedal® Racer Cut Aluminum.  It is intended for sports competition shooters. Intended for over the scope mount installation. Gas Pedal® introduced the world to opposable grip and is still the best one available. Refined over 20 years, including price reduction due to improved technology. BattleTuffTM for life warranty, CNC made from billet aluminum. Thousands in the field with NEVER a failure. Negligible weight, less than an ounce.

Not convinced? Opposable Grip took Clean Sweep in 2015 National Championship, winning High overall, Men's, Ladies, Senior and Junior. Winning don't lie. Still not Convinced? How about REPEAT championships 2015,2016 by Chris Tilley.

STILL NOT CONVINCED? Opposable Grip won 2017 US Nationals AND 2017 Word Championship. How about consecutive wins, 2015, 2016, 2017,2018,2019,2020 in US Nationals.

Want something even a tad faster? Checkout Gas Pedal® Opposable extreme 

3.15"x .98" x .97". US Patent Number D658,263. Supplied with special screws. Gunsmith installation recommended.

Available in Milled natural Aluminum silver like finish, or Black Annodized. Machine finish can be used as is or colored yourself.  Gold and Red have been discontinued. Black finish is matte and slightly more tactile grip.

  • The Fastest way to shoot, proven. Works same as Doc's Original, the one that introduced the world to the opposable grip that now dominates competition including World and National Championships.
  • For 2018 MUCH lower price same quality for real Gas Pedal® grip. No reason to buy copycats now. And it works much better than imitators.
  • Trade Dress Monolithic Wing aids performance. Eliminates windage error.
  • Perfect, strong grip every time
  • Thumb Assist Grip for Pistol
  • You will get much better results if you press your thumb 45 degrees towards bore, not straight down
  • Order page on this website for domestic USA orders only. For International sales visit Speed Shooters International