OPP Grip Gas Pedal
Gas Pedal Opposable Extreme
Gas Pedal Opposable Extreme
Gas Pedal Opposable Extreme compared to Gas Pedal Racer Cut
Gas Pedal Opposable Extreme Limited
Gas Pedal Opposable Extreme Limited
Gas Pedal mounted on firearm
Gas Pedal Opposable Extreme Mounted
Gas Pedal® OE Limited Thumb Assist 165

Gas Pedal® OE Limited Thumb Assist 165

Sale price$ 58.50
Color/Finish:Gunsmith edition, no holes

Fastest way to shoot

Gas Pedal® Opposable Extreme for Limited

 ONLY   A FEW LEFT AND THEN THEY WILL BE DISCONTINUED. Even Faster than the Duster Cut version . From the guys that started the OPP Grip (opposable grip), Fastest Way to Shoot, Proven.  This is the new Gas Pedal® Opposable Extreme Limited Aluminum. (Gas Pedal® OEL) . PLEASE Read Fitting Instructions at bottom of page, No returns on this item.

  It is intended for sports competition shooters or for nightstand or car gun. Intended for direct mount to frame  (Dust Cover).

Gas Pedal® introduced the world to opposable grip and is still the best one available. Refined over 20 years, including price reduction due to improved technology. BattleTuffTM for life warranty, CNC made from billet aluminum. Thousands of its related previous parts in the field with NEVER a failure.

What’s the difference between Duster Cut and Opposable Extreme Limited? Both utilize the patented pedal and wing design that gives 4 axis control, (flip, straight back impulse, windage,  and bore axis rotation. ) The opposable extreme model angles the pedal slightly towards the bore to encourage the proper vector of thumb force, namely towards the bore, not just down like the copycats.  Automatic windage control is enhanced. The pedal, with new 3d machined groves, makes the thumb slide to wing faster. The radius size between pedal and wing has been increased to allow more thumb contact and  better proprioception. Cosmetics are slightly different and weight is negligibly reduced by .1 oz. Both work great and its really a matter of personal preference.  

3.15"x .98" x .97". US Patent Number D658,263. Supplied with special screws. Gunsmith installation recommended.

Available in Milled natural Aluminum silver machine finish. 

Feed back from shooters has been fantastic and most agree it is a tad faster than the already fastest Duster Cut (Racer Cut for Limited) 

  • The Fastest way to shoot, proven. Works same as Doc's Original, the one that introduced the world to the opposable grip that now dominates competition including World and National Championships.
  • Improved for 2018 Trade Dress Monolithic Wing aids performance. Eliminates windage error.
  • Perfect, strong grip every time
  • Thumb Assist Grip for Pistol
  • You will get much better results if you press your thumb 45 degrees towards bore, not straight down

FITTING INSTRUCTIONS, Please read before ordering. No returns on this item. This is identical to Opposable Extreme EXCEPT it has a flange base for mounting directly to frame, not over scope. It has a .085 flange offset. This is the most common offset for STI type frame to slide offset. Please measure your slide to frame offset. If it is more than .085 inches you are good to go. If less than .085 you will need a custom shim to make slide clear the Pedal. EG standard STI good to go; Single stack 1911 needs shim; wide body STI ok but you may want to mill some of flange off to get closer to bore.

    FAQ Will both the Racer Cut and Opposable Extreme be still available?

    We will leave that up to the shooters, if they want to keep purchasing both we will make both, but will let the market decide. If you love your Racer Cut and don’t like the Opposable Extreme, best to stock up now as we don’t know how long we will make both.

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