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Copy of Gas Pedal® Opposable Extreme Thumb Assist

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Fastest way to shoot

NEW for 2017!


 Even Faster than the Racer Cut version. This is the Opposeable Grip for Limited. PLEASE make sure you read the instructions to see if this will fit your gun!  From the guys that started the opposable grip, Fastest Way to Shoot, Proven.  This is the new Gas Pedal® Opposable Extreme  Limited Aluminum.  It is intended for sports competition shooters or for nightstand or car gun. This model is designed for direct mount to frame, not over a scope mount

 Gas Pedal® grip  introduced the world to opposable grip and is still the best one available. Refined over 20 years, including price reduction due to improved technology. BattleTuffTM for life warranty, CNC made from billet aluminum. Thousands off the original models in the field with NEVER a failure.  Actually no GoGun® metal part has ever failed, Never/ From Brakes, Shotgun parts, to pistol accessories, failure is not an option. Negligible weight.

Not convinced? Opposable Grip took Clean Sweep in 2015 National Championship, winning High overall, Men's, Ladies, Senior and Junior. Winning don't lie. Still not Convinced? How about REPEAT championships 2015,2016 by Chris Tilley with Gas Pedal® brand. How about fact that in last 6 years of National Championships, the lions share of top five finishers all used opposable grip and 5 of 6 last champions used the opposable grip.

STILL NOT CONVINCED? Opposable Grip won 2017 US Nationals AND 2017 World Championship.

What’s the difference between Racer Cut and Opposable Extreme? Both utilize the patented pedal and wing design that gives 4 axis control, (flip, straight back impulse, windage,  and bore axis rotation. ) The opposable extreme model angles the pedal slightly towards the bore to encourage the proper vector of thumb force, namely towards the bore, not just down like the copycats.  Automatic windage control is enhanced. The pedal, with new 3d machined groves, makes the thumb slide to wing faster. The radius size between pedal and wing has been increased to allow more thumb contact and  better proprioception. Cosmetics are slightly different and weight is negligibly reduced by .1 oz. Both work great and its really a matter of personal preference.  

3.15"x .98" x .97". US Patent Number D658,263. Supplied with special screws. Gunsmith installation recommended.

Available in Milled natural Aluminum silver like finish and hard anodized Black. Gunsmith Edition is undrilled without holes and has flange on base suitable for Limited Shooters. For Open Shooters that want the Pedal mounted flush, the Gunsmith can easily mill off the flange on base

    Early feed back  on Gas Pedal® Opposable Extreme, from top shooters February 2018.

 Most of the top shooters we sent them to seem to like them a lot. However we learned something from one of the top shooters, saying he thought the angle of pedal encouraged his thumb to slide off. He was one of those that press straight down on Pedal. You need to be incredibly strong to press straight down on thumb assist and not get steering aka windage error. The new angled pedal is designed to have the thumb press towards the bore not straight down. (Just like Col Cooper said more than 60 years ago)This enables the hand to get more opposable grip on off hand fingers. If you do press straight down, and you dont want to change you might feel better with the Duster Cut like racer cut.


  • The Fastest way to shoot, proven. Works same as Doc's Original, the one that introduced the world to the opposable grip that now dominates competition including World and National Championships.
  • NEW for 2018 MUCH lower price same quality for real Gas Pedal® grip. No reason to buy copycats now. And it works much better than imitators.
  • Trade Dress Monolithic Wing aids performance. Eliminates windage error.
  • Perfect, strong grip every time
  • Thumb Assist Grip for Pistol

FAQ Will both the Racer Cut and Opposable Extreme be still available?

We will leave that up to the shooters, if they want to keep purchasing both we will make both, but will let the market decide. If you love your Racer Cut and don’t like the Opposable Extreme, best to stock up now as we don’t know how long we will make both.

IMPORTANT: Will it fit my gun?  Make sure you read and understand this. There are no returns if used and it doesnt fit.Most pistols have an offset from frame to slide.  Please take calipers and measure the frame width and slide width. EG classic 1911 has large difference between slide width and frame width. STI  2011 modular guns are in the middle of difference and that is what this model is optimized for. If you have an extra wide STI type frame it will fit but you may want to mill off some of flange to get pedal closer to bore. If for classic 1911, your gunsmith will have to put shim in for slide to clear.

For reference the offset on the Opposable Extreme limited is

The slide to frame difference of STI modular is

The slide to frame difference of STI wide is

The slide to frame difference of classic 1911 is

More offset is ok but less offset and slide will not function

If you Have ANY question please email first before ordering.