First are you shooting Rifle or Pistol?

Fastest way to shoot

If Rifle or Shotgun, you want the Gas Pedal® RS2

The Gas Pedal® RS2 is polymer version of Gas Pedal® grip for rifle. It enhances grip, weapons retention, accuracy, and acquisition while reducing muzzle flip for more info click the link above. Metal versions available by special order.

If you are shooting a pistol, keep reading.

The Gas Pedal® grip comes in two sets of models, one for Carry Guns, the Gas Pedal® CG. Or for Racers, Gas Pedal®  OE for Open or Limited, Racer Cut for Open or Limited,  and Gas Pedal®  OE Limited.

For folks who want maximum effectiveness in a metal frame pistol not intended for everyday Holster use, choose one of Racer Models. All models especially the Carry Gun Model is ideal for folks with small or weak hands that want a high caliber (like .45 ACP) defense gun that is not a primary carry weapon.

The Carry Gun model is no Gunsmithing Drop in Part.

Racer Models require drill and tap.
All  current versions still have the 4 axis control system not utilized by other copy cats.

For Carry Guns, it easy to choose the CG model.

For Racers, First Choose if the Gas Pedal® Grip will be mounted over a scope like in Open Class USPSA racing, or whether it will be mounted directly to frame (Dust Cover) for competition or self-defense.

If you will mount it over a scope, for example a C-More, Choose the Gas Pedal® Racer Cut.  Or the Gas Pedal® Opposable Extreme (Currently the fastest grip on the planet).

Both have  a flush base suitable for mount over a scope while still keeping pedal close to bore axis.

If you are in competition with Limited division or want a Defensive night stand or car gun without a scope, choose the Gas Pedal® DusterThe Duster is identical to the Racer Cut except it has an approximately .085 base flange for slide to frame clearance. This will fit most metal frame pistols such at STI modular Frame. If you have an extra wide frame, you may mill some of flange off to get pedal closer to bore. If you have a 1911, the slide is MUCH wider than frame so your gunsmith with need to add a small shim to ensure the slide clears the Pedal. Both models can be permanently mounted with Loctite or simply hand tightened (Doc’s recommendation, dont use Loctite) so you can change pedals or location of pedal as desired.

Pick your choice of surface anodized color and you are ready to order.