Ammunition Cost

We don’t sell amo. Problem: Amo costs are increasing really fast

Solution: Be much more proficient with fewer rounds shot. Don't get us wrong we are not against practice; we encourage it. Make your practice better, but not more  unnecessary rounds.

The traditional neutral grip is hard to learn and takes lots of rounds

The Opposable Grip technique, facilitated by the Gas Pedal® grip, is much easier to learn and requires much less amo to become and maintain proficiency.

Once you easily learn the OPP GRIP its like Riding a Bicycle, you don’t forget. So you can go months without practicing and get right back into swing of things with a 50 round box or less. It's so easy you can usually put the gun and grip out of your mind and focus on the target.

Quote of a Grand Master "More practice doesnt make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect"