JP™ GoGun® Gas Pedal® RS2 Thumb Assist for Rifle or Shotgun intended to encompass a wide range of shooting grip styles. This will make you shoot faster with more confidence, and accuracy and solves the “what do you do with off hand thumb?” question. Ergonomically assists shooter to use thumb and wrist muscles to rapidly acquire aim point before during and after ignition with quicker return to zero. Ideal in combination with SuperComp® Brakes for complete shooter package. This iteration of Gas Pedal is intended for mount on Picatinny Rail or slot to rail adapter and is made of Polymer. Other iterations available in Billet Aluminum. Available in Black or Flat Dark Earth (FDE). Don’t buy copycats that don’t work as well. Does NOT block sight picture with Iron Sights as picture is obstructed in over the top thumb method.


  • Enables thumbs forward grip. Perfect grip every time turns your rifle into a natural pointer.
  • Makes cross weapon platform transition easy.
  • Ideal for Tactical. Very fun for range days.
  • Enables repeatable ergonomic thumb positions.
  • All are AMBI. Use for L or R thumb
  • For use with just about all vertical grips and angled grips or alone.
  • BEWARE of imitations. This is the ONLY legal way and brand to use your off hand thumb to grip with a Picatinny Rail
  • US Utility Patent 9,194,651


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