Winning Championship Gas PedalGas Pedal® Racer's Cut
is the fastest way to shoot, proven! The Gas Pedal® Thumb Assist Opposabe Grip lead the way to a clean sweep in 2015 US Nationals winning Junior, Senior, Ladies and High Overall. IT REAPEATED its Overal win in 2016. STILL NOT CONVINCED? OPPOSABLE GRIP TOOK ALL TOP 5 SPOTS IN 2017 CHAMPIONSHIP AND HAS DOMINATED TOP FIVE FINISHERS FOR 6 YEARS IN A ROW!  WINNING DON'T LIE.


Works same as Doc’s Original, the one that introduced the world to the opposable grip that now dominates competition including World and National Championship.  It has won virtually every division it is allowed. This version has slightly smaller pedal than Doc’s Original and allows field stripping without removal.

Winning Championship Gas Pedal
  • Most of our new adopters move up one class with just addition of Gas Pedal® Grip. GM's move from top 16 to top period.
  • Least dot movement. FASTEST RETURN TO zero.
  • NEW for 2015/2016 MUCH lower price same quality. No reason to buy copycats now. And it works much better than imitators.
  • Perfect, strong grip every time
  • Don't buy a copycat, They simply cause more problems than they are worth.
  • Anatomically correct for all sizes of hands
  • Stop wasting 70% of your grip strength
  • Aircraft aluminum CNC billet made BattleTuff™
  • Trade Dress Monolithic Wing aids performance, reduces windage error.
  • 20 years of refinement by GM, M, and A shooters and Sports Medical Physician MD.
  • Cut-away for slide stop
  • Does not require removal for disassembly
  • Machined aluminum finish. Also available in Red, Black and Gold.
  •  5 Predrilled holes on American Standard .375" on center. May not fit if drilled to European standards like Tangfolio and clones.
  • US Patent Number D658,263
  • Gold Medal Winner 2011 ,2014 World Shoot, Top Overall winner US IPSC National Championship 2013, Top Overall winner USPSA championship 2012, Clean sweep of 2015 US Nationals (Men's, Womens, Junior). AND Overall winner 2016
Perfect Opposable Pistol Grip

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