Recall. On January 18,2023 we discovered there was a small metal defect in first lot of sku part CG228, (The Gas Pedal® assist for Sig 220, 226,228, some 229.) The defect did not cause failure to function of firearm or the Thumb assist. Merely a possible crack that in some cases could go full thickness in non critical area.

On January 19, 2023  Out of abundance of caution. We contacted each of our customers  by email and refunded their purchase in full. We recommended only to use the part in dry, not live fire. Also promised  to best of our ability will send all of our own customers  complimentary parts of the next run.

If you bought other than on this store we ask you to contact the seller but also do not use in live fire.

We are already on the re-engineer path to re design and eliminate the metal problem. If you have already shot that part you know how much it enhances your shooting,

If for some reason you bought but didnt get notified and refunded, please email