This is the smaller cousin of the well received Supercomp Talon Brake. Our shooters said the Talon Brake shoots great but wanted the option of No Talon tips. We went them one better:

  • No Talon Tips
  • Smaller
  • 20% less cost
  • Available in .223/5.56 or .308/7.72 calibers


  • Least sight movement available except for its big cousin.
  • Excellent for fast follow up shot
  • Little side concussion
  • Moderate but noticeable side concussion
  • Incredibly BattleTuff, Full auto compatible.
  • Good but not complete flash suppression.
  • Smaller, less expensive than full Talon
  • So little recoil, can be easily shot without mounting gun on shoulder.

Like its big cousin, it looks great and works incredibly well with virtually no recoil. It is the beefiest brake we know of and was designed to take incredible abuse. There are about 1.000 of full size Talon brakes in the field and just about everyone has the same response when they first shoot it, AMAZEMENT. Not only is there virtually no sight movement, it comes out superior in every side by side shoot out we have heard of . Chris Tilley, two time national champion says it has least sight movement of any brake he has fired. Texas Gun Talk rated it better than the competition.
Range shooters report less than 10 MOA disturbance of reticle in recoil. The NoTalon performance is virtually identical.

Precision CNC machined from pre-hardened billet chrome moly steel.

This Gogun® Supercomp® NoTalon Brake does not change your USPSA rifle division.

Pre-threaded and includes crush washer for easy installation.

.223 model available in chrome molly steel and Titanium (special order only)

Patents Pending


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